Quad Cities Landfill

Renewable Natural Gas —

Digester Gas to Fuel

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Located in MilanIllinois, the Quad Cities Landfill gas upgrading plan was designed to scale with the landfill’s growth rate.

This landfill biogas project is currently flowing 1,400 SCFM, with future expansion planned and injected into a Kinder Morgan interstate transmission pipeline.

Pine Creek is responsible for all construction, operations, maintenance, and financing for the Quad Cities RNG facility, including pipelines and interconnections.

Pine Creek RNG has standardized on common Pressure Swing Adsorption gas upgrading, flare & thermal oxidizer, and compression technology for all of its project sites.  

Our sites use common controls, are remotely monitored and controlled, report to a central network operations center, and are continually observed for site optimization opportunities.

Pine Creek’s standardization of plant upgrading, combustion & compression hardware, site monitoring & controls, combined with ongoing wellfield monitoring and tuning, significantly lowers the levelized cost ($/MMBtu) of production.